Buffalo Sabres Draft Party and Pep Rally

The Buffalo Sabres hosted a few exciting events this past week to announce the drafting of Rasmus Dahlin and wouldn’t you know I had the pleasure of attending both!

The first event kicked off on Draft Day and was held in the courtyard of Key Bank Arena

Fans flocked to the Arena and were received with a DJ, Photo Booths and Food stations all to hear the announcement of the worst kept secret in the NHL.

At 7:30 PM Owners Terry and Kim Pegula along with GM Jason Botterill were shown on the video board from Dallas, TX to make the franchise altering pick.

The pick was meet with cheers and confetti as fans rejoiced.

Terry Rasmus and Kim

My Outfit For The Party

As Rasmus Dahlin settles into Buffalo, the Sabres hosted a Pep Rally in his honor on Tuesday June 26, which was held at my place of employment.

We welcomed Rasmus with opened arms at 9:00 AM.

Rasmus Dahlin was showered with pictures and hi-5s, something he’ll likely get used to as his career gets in full swing.

I was able to get pictured with Rasmus Dahlin and Sabres great from the French Connections era Gilbert Perreault.

Both events were awesome to attend and the energy of both felt rejuvenating, something the organization has lacked over the years.

The Sabres will hopefully carry on the excitement throughout the offseason when the seasons kick off in October.

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