Bills Trade Sammy Watkins and Ron Darby

The Buffalo Bills sent shock waves through the NFL by trading 2 of their most notable players in Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby.

Since the trade was announced around lunch time, my nerves have calmed and I've decompressed.

The initial aftermath of the trade was I was confused, furious and numb all at the same time.

In exchange for the Players the Bills received EJ Gaines and Jordan Matthews along with a 2nd and 3rd pick from the Eagles and Rams.

While Sammy Watkins has been oft injured he's was a recognizable figure and possessed Superstar quality traits, which is why I was displeased initially.

Once the Bills declined the 5 year option on Sammy Watkins it was safe to say 2017 would've been his last in Buffalo, therefore receiving compensation for him makes senses.

Ronald Darby on the other was a young player still under contract for another 2 years, that I thought the Bills would attempt to maximize. Darby had a strong rookie season but did seemed to regress a bit last year which is likely what made him expendable to the organization.

The little I've seen from Jordan Matthews (Eagles) he's serviceable and given the injury history of Sammy Watkins is likely to produce similar stats to that Watkins has provided.

It'll be interesting to see if Tyrod Taylor and Matthews will be able to generate any sense of chemistry early on in the season.

And to be honest I haven't seen enough of EJ Gaines (Rams) to make an assessment so we'll see how it goes.

The draft selections will give the Bills flexibility moving forward and building through the draft which many of the successful teams do.

The Bills at this point appear to be committed to a retool vs a rebuild, the Bills still have enough pieces to compete and they're still not bad off not to compete vs other teams in the league.

With a month to go until the regular season starts the Bills may likely need to refocus the locker room and put their best foot forward to be competitive in the upcoming season.

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