My Visit to the African American Smithsonian

I recently had the pleasure to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture in the Nations Capital Washington D.C.

The museum provided a wealth of knowledge and understanding into what the African American race has dealt with throughout our time in America.

Of course throughout my tour of the museum I found the sports section filled with all the accolades and achievements of African American Athletes.

On display were statues, uniforms, gold medals and pictures that showed how the African American athlete has effected the sports world.

African American Athletes impact sports like no other race with our style, grace and extraordinary athleticism.

Included are photos of my tour of the museum

Mexico City Olympic Protest to represent Black Poverty in America 🔼

Muhammad Ali fought not only in the ring but for his rights as an American Citizen 🔼

Jackie Robison broke the color barrier in the MLB with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Baseball however wasn't originally welcoming to African American Athletes therefore the Negro league was created. 🔼

🔼 Jesse Ownes won 4 gold in The Berlin Olympics.

🔼 These players changed the way their respective sports were played by their unique playing style. Magic Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr and Barry Sanders.

Considered one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history Michael Jordan. 🔼

Venus and Serena Williams 🔼

🔼 Doug Williams the first African American Quarterback to win the Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins.

🔼 The teams above were influential in rise of the African American in Football.

Derrick Rose and LeBron James show acts of activism wearing shirts to acknowledge the death of Eric Garner.

🔼 LeBron James also is a donor to the Museum.

🔽Other Facts And Pictures Below 🔽

Thanks for reading and viewing. All feedback


7 thoughts on “My Visit to the African American Smithsonian

  1. I hope to get to visit this museum before too long; thanks for sharing your visit.

    If you ever get to Kansas City, Missouri, you must visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museum (both in the same complex). We visited both a while back and they’re wonderful collections β€” and I know (since it’s sports-related!) the baseball museum will be of particular interest to you. πŸ˜‰ (Kansas City has some of the best barbecue anywhere, too!)

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