NHL 100

In celebration of the NHL 100th season the Buffalo Sabres hosted the NHL Centennial Celebration in the Key Bank Center Plaza.

On display was the Stanley Cup trophy, a mobile NHL museum and floor hockey rink.

Like any avid sports fan I attended and capture some photos I wanted to share.

The Stanley Cup Trophy 🔼

Buffalo Sabres History 🔼

The Stanley Cup Trophy 🔼

Vintage Hockey Sticks 🔼

Vintage Hockey Mask and Goalie Pads 🔼

Me Cooling Off With A Refreshing Labatt 🔼

Buffalo Sabres Dining Table 🔼

Party In The Plaza 🔼

Buffalo Sabres Logo History 🔼

1999 Stanley Cup Team 🔼

Vintage Jerseys 🔼

The Stanley Cup Trophy and I 🔼

Jack Eichel Locker 🔼

French Connection 🔼

Labatt Blue 🔼

My Very Own Locker 🔼

NHL 100 Logo 🔼

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