NBA Finals Game 1 Overreaction 

Luckily it’s a best of 7 right? Because the Warriors dismantled the Cavaliers last night 113-91.

Quick overreaction thoughts from last night game.

The Warriors are too powerful and based on last night the Cavaliers will be lucky to win 1 game. 

The Warriors are going to run the NBA for the next 5-10 years.

Tristan Thompson played scared. 

The Cavaliers defense is terrible.

The Warriors will win in a sweep.

Imagine how big the margin of victory would’ve been if Klay Thompson made a shot.

In all fairness, it’s one game, but the lackluster game played by the Cavaliers cannot happen again.

LeBron needs to cut down on the turnovers and defensively the Cavs have to do a better job in protecting the rim.

Klay Thompson shooting woes continued last night but as a shooter it’s only a matter of time before his shot starts falling again. 

Game 2 is Sunday and I’m anticipating a better effort from the Cavs.

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