2017 NBA Finals Prediction

Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Golden State Warriors 

Best of 7.

The series kick off tonight as the 2 teams face off for the 3rd consecutive NBA Finals.

Getting right into it, I’m a huge LeBron James fan and I have a strong dislike for Kevin Durant and the Warriors. 

The LeBron fan in me says the Cavaliers in 7 games, however the realist cannot see the Warriors losing this series.

They’re too powerful and with the addition of Kevin Durant are almost unbeatable my opinion.

If anyone can knock them off it’s the King.

With that my “Official Pick” will be the Warriors in 5 or 6 games, but my sentimental pick will be the Cavaliers in 7 games.

If this make sense. 

Throwing game picks aside, I believe every game the Warriors win in the series will be by a large margin, where the Cavaliers victories will be a slug fest and close.

The Cavaliers will need keep the Warriors under 100 points to be successful, if they allow the Warriors in the open court or to play at those own pace, the outlook isn’t good.

It’s all on the line for Kevin Durant to capture his  first title and the rest of Golden State to get the taste of last year defeat out of their mouths. 

LeBron can further cement his legacy.

Either way hopefully we’re in for a good series.
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