The Boston Celtics Reunion 

The old crew got back together Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Big Baby, Rajon Rondo, and Kendrick Perkins to talk about their time together.

In what looked like a bad episode of Atlanta Housewives maybe Basketball Wives or something you’ll see on VH1. 

The team opened up and basically bashed former teammate Ray Allen for joining the Miami Heat and breaking up the pack.

Pro Sports is a business and these players should know that more than any other. KG came via a draft day trade to chase a Championship with Paul Pierce, none different than what Ray Allen did going to Miami.

Rondo practically stopped playing for the Celtics once they started their rebuild and was shipped out of town to Dallas and bounced around since.

What Ray Allen did, was as many athletes do; to obtain another Championship on top of the one he won with the Celtics years earlier.

It’s no different than Paul Pierce landing in LA at the end of his career or Rondo signing with the Bulls last summer.

Ray Allen made a decision that was best for his career. The move gave him the other Championship he longed.  It wasn’t like Allen left to ride the coat tails of another Star he earned his ring. Had it not been for Allen’s 3 pointer in Game 6 of the NBA the Heat likely doesn’t win the championship.

Understanding the Celtics figured they were a brotherhood and Ray left for the enemy, everyone on the panel attempted to do the same as Ray Allen and capture a Championship which evades most athletes.

See the clip of the former Celtics conversation.

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