Doug Whaley Fired

Doug Whaley was fired Sunday after 4 seasons at the helm being the Buffalo Bills GM.

The Bills are left with a bad cap situation, another black eye for the organization and looking for someone to lead them back to the promise land. 

Whaley brought in some good players doing his tenure, LeSean McCoy, Jerry Hughes, and a oft injured Sammy Watkins. 
In the end what the Pegula wants and the fans is a team that competes for a Title and Whaley wasn’t able to get that done on the job. 

It cost him is job.

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3 thoughts on “Doug Whaley Fired

  1. I had nothing against Whaley; he had a tough job and, as it’s said, “it takes a village” — and the Bills’ village has been in disarray for a LONG time. We’ll see how things change in the coming year with a new head-office line-up.

    Oh, for the days of Marv Levy and the rest during those winning years… 😦

      1. You’ve got that right! We fans would just like to get into the playoffs after this LONG dry spell. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. 😉

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