Comeback For A King

LeBron James engineered the greatest comeback in NBA Playoff History last night, as the Cleveland Cavaliers overcame a 25 point halftime deficit to take a commanding 3-0 series lead vs the Indiana Pacers.

Midway through the 2nd Quarter, I turned the game off as the Pacers jumped out to a 20 point lead thinking the game was over.

But as I was casually scrolling through my Twitter timeline (@iiigXt) towards the end of the 3rd Quarter, tweets started rolling in suggesting the Cavs were on the comeback trail. 

As any fan would I tuned back on immediately to see the Cavs cut the lead to 6 and was in prime position to put the comeback in motion.

What I seen was LeBron tallying a triple double 41 points 12 Assists and 13 Rebounds, hitting 3’s and throwing down some monstrous dunks, just ask Monta Ellis. 

The Cavaliers completed the improbable comeback wining the game 119-114. 

🔼 Full Game Highlights 

And will look to close the series out Sunday.

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