NBA Playoffs Predictions 

The NBA Playoffs tips off this weekend, in what I think will be a wide open race.

Early in the season the Warriors and the Cavaliers were shoe-ins to be matched up for a 3rd consecutive NBA Finals, I’m no longer sold on that notion.
The Cavs have struggled mightily since the All-Star and lost their number 1 seed to the Celtics.


The Warriors are just getting Kevin Durant back after a 15 game absence though getting adjusted to playing with KD shouldn’t be hard to handle.

There are a few intriguing first round match-ups here’s my prediction on how they’ll shake out.


Warriors vs Blazers : 4-1 (Warriors) The Warriors are too good to lose this series bottom line. Dame Lillard won’t shy away from the moment though.

Spurs vs Grizzlies: 4-1 (Spurs) The Grizzlies are still a scrappy bunch and will play hard but the Spurs will be too much to handle for the Grizzlies.

Rockets vs Thunder: 4-2 (Rockets) The best matchup in the Playoffs with the 2 MVP candidates James Harden and Russell Westbrook. OKC doesn’t have enough to compete and win the series but every game will be a dog fight between the 2.

Jazz vs Clippers: 4-3 (Jazz) Toss up series, the Clippers hasn’t accomplished anything since their 3 stars have been together this may be their last ride. The Jazz will compete every game.


Celtics vs Bulls: 4-2 (Celtics). I can see a surprising upset with the Bulls possibly taking this series or it even going 7 games but in the end I believe the Celtics will prevail.

Cavaliers vs Pacers 4-3 (Cavaliers). These 2 just played a Double OT game a week ago. We’ll see if the Cavs can flip the switch and turn up their intensity. Paul George can catch fire.

Raptors vs Bucks 4-2 (Raptors). The Raptors looking to get back to the ECF will have their hands full with the Greek Freak.

Wizards vs Hawks 4-3 (Hawks). The Hawks are difficult to gauge depending on what team shows up. This will be a tightly contested series.

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