Super Bowl 51 Pick

The Atlanta Falcons vs the New England Patriots.

The most watched TV event all year, the unofficial U.S. Holiday.

The Super Bowl

I’ve struggled with picking a winner of the game since the 2 teams won their respective conferences 2 Sunday’s ago.

The Patriots have all the experience, making their 7th appearance in the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady era.

Tom Brady and the Patriots offense rarely make mistakes on game days. The Patriots offense come in almost at full strength with the exception of Gronk but Martellus Bennett is more than a capable player to make up the difference. 

QB Matt Ryan has an abundance of playmakers on their side of the ball which will make this a difficult game for the Patriots. 

While the Patriots hold the number 1 overall defense, they’re not scary like a Ravens defense or even the Legion of Boom (Seahawks) that’s going to punish you or hit you hard but they’re smart and rarely out of position.

The Falcons ranked 25th in total defense, they can rush the QB but their secondary will be tested vs Tom Brady and his Receivers.

The outcome of the game is going to be determined by 2 factors.

The Patriots no doubt will have their hands full, it’ll be their defense that will need to be the deciding factor to take away all the Falcons threats.

The Falcons can’t allow the moment to get too big, they need to come out and play disciplined football on both sides of the ball.

The Pick: Patriots over Falcons

Just to be clear I’ll be pulling for the Falcons, but the Patriots only lose Super Bowls to the Giants. 

Bill Belichick is an amazing Coach and what he’s done with the Patriots and at times with a limited roster is masterful. 

One reason I choose the Patriots is, I believe that experience will factor a little in the outcome of the game, and it might take the Falcons a while to adjust to the big stage.

We should be set up for a great game regardless, the Patriots rarely get blown out and the Falcons have a offense to stay in any game. 

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5 thoughts on “Super Bowl 51 Pick

  1. Don’t care for the Patriots, and REALLY don’t like the politics of their owner, coach and QB (they support you-know-who…can’t even say his name). I realize that has nothing to do with football but it sure makes it easier for me to root for the Falcons! 😉 I’m really much more interested in the food I’m cooking for the friends that are joining us to “watch” the game!

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