Russell Westbrook snubbed in ASG for Steph Curry

Last night the All Star starters were announced with one notable omission.

                          Russell Westbrook 

Westbrook was the odd man out in a 3 guard trio of James Harden, Steph Curry and himself.

The NBA instituted new voting rules this year where 50% comes from the fans, then the media and players with 25% a piece. 

Westbrook is having a historical season and to have Steph Curry start over him in a game that showcase the games best doesn’t make sense.

I have a 3 quick fixes to the issues. The latter of the 2 might be more logical.

  1. Steph Currys acknowledges Russell Westbrook as the better  player this season and insist he takes his spot as a starter. Vince Carter did something similar in Michael Jordan last ASG appearance when Vince was giving the fan nod over Jordan.
  2. NBA commissioner Adam Silver overrides the fan vote which swayed the vote in Curry’s favor and inserts Russell Westbrook for his phenomenonal season as a starter instead. With Silver taking into account what Westbrook has achieved I don’t foresee any having an objection with the decision. (Outside of the Bay Area)
  3. Whoever is chosen for the West Head Coach should have Steph Curry pick up an intentional foul soon as the game begin and sub in Russell Westbrook immediately.

In the end Russell Westbrook will still be voted in as a All Star reserve in a few weeks and may play more minutes than Curry in the game but it’s the principle of the matter. 

Knowing Russell Westbrook mentality it’s likely he doesn’t care about the snub but given what he’s accomplished this season him being a starter is called for.

In a game that is putting your best players on a pedestal, your league best playing shouldn’t be playing second fiddle to someone else.

Not to take anything away from Curry but he’s on a super team and his numbers throughout the first half of the season doesn’t compare to Westbrook leading the league in scoring (30ppg) and averaging 10 reb and 10 assist.

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