NFL Conference Championship Weekend

The final 4 teams play this weekend for the right to go to Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas.
The NFC will get the games started with a 3 o’clock kick off in Atlanta as the Falcons and Packers square off.

Aaron Rodgers saved the Packers last week as he made a desperation throw to Jared Cook to set up the Packers for a game winning FG vs the Cowboys. 

Rodgers has the Packers rolling, being winners of the last 8 but that doesn’t mean they don’t have flaws.

The Atlanta Falcons will be able to take advantage of  a patchwork Packers secondary. Julio Jones who was limited in practice (toe) will cause matchup problems for whomever the Packers will attempt to cover him with. 

The other thing the Falcons have going for them is Matt Ryan who’s playing just as good as Aaron Rodgers.

Last week the Falcons ground game was quiet but Ryan utilized his Runnig Back tandem in the passing game. Tevin Coleman caught a TD pass and Devonta Freeman made a vicious cut in open field on a Seahawks defender for a big gain. 

Containing Aaron Rodgers will be huge for the Falcons. Throughout the playoffs Rodgers has used his mobility to create more time in and outside of the pocket to create the perfect passing window. The Falcons will need to collapse the pocket, but also contain Rodgers when he goes to escape to have success, with sack leader Vic Beasley JR it may do the trick. 

The Packers may also be without leading WR Jordy Nelson for the 2nd straight game.

Prediction Falcons over Packers

The Patriots playing their 6th consecutive AFC Championship game host the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A game that I’m conflicted with and unsure of the final outcome.

Tom Brady and the Patriots hasn’t shown signs of weakness as they breezed through the regular season and last week game vs the Houston Texans.

Dion Lewis scored 3 TDs last week for the Patriots and coupled with LeGarette Blount the Steelers must stop the run to prevail. 

The Steelers themselves played well enough last week and pulled out a tough game in Kansas City but were were kept out of the endzone for the entire game. 

Le’Veon Bell and his unorthodox running style has carried the Steelers and may carry them straight to the Super Bowl if it continues for one more week.  

Ben Rothelisberger hasn’t played to his normal standards but he has Antonio Brown lined up to his outside and can go to him at any point to get going. 

The Malcom Butler and Antonio Brown matchup maybe the deciding factor in the game. Butler is an aggressive CB but for the last few years Brown has been one of the best WRs in the league. 

Who ever gets the advantage between the 2, their team will represent the AFC.

Prediction Steelers over Patriots 

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