Divisional Round Games Predictions 

Here’s hoping this weekend playoff games are better than what we seen as a audience last weekend.

The Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons will kick the weekend off, with a game that could go either way. The Seahawks have been shaky all season but they’ll not be an easy out by any stretch of the imagination. In the end the loss of one of my favorite Safties, Earl Thomas, III will be too much to overcome for the Seahawks. The Falcons come in with limited success in the Playoffs but have so many pieces in place that I think it’ll be hard for them to mess this up. Matt Ryan might be the MVP, Julio Jones is one of best WR in the game, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman are both hard to stop for a full game, and then the NFL Sack leader in Vic Beasley JR. 

Prediction: Falcons over Seahawks 

Houston Texans vs New England Patriots, likely to be the most lopsided game of the weekend. Tom Brady finished the regular season with just 2 Interceptions and will start this Playoff run with his eye on a 5th Championship. The Texans playing in the weak AFC South have their own issues, QB Brock Osweiler played better last week than he had since his benching, but I don’t expect the same vs the Patriots. The Texans do hold the number 1 overall defense so it’ll be interesting if they’ll be able to slow down Tom Brady and company.

Prediction: Patriots over Texans

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs, a fairly even matchup between the two. Ben, Bell and Brown had their way with the Dolphins last week but the Chiefs are a more qualified opponent. Either of these 2 teams are best suited to take down New England in the AFC Championship game but must first get pass one another. The Chiefs have playmaker Tyreek Hill a player that the Steelers must avoid at all cost on special teams, he has the  ability to turn the game on one kickoff or punt return, the Steelers have to kick away from him to be successful. The Steelers on the other hand continue to be hot as of late and with their full compliment of players on offense and on defense they’ll be hard to defeat.

Prediction Steelers over Chiefs

Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys, possibly considered the game of the week. Aaron Rodgers have played out of this world, as the Packers are riding a 7 game winning streak and Rodgers hasn’t thrown a interceptions since the streak started. The Cowboys come in healthy and looking to ride their rookie QB and RB as they have all season long. Dak Prescott has played mistake free football all season, and Ezekiel Elliott ran through the NFL, in a win or go home playoff game the Cowboys will rely on these 2 more than ever. The Cowboys will need to stay disciplined on defense to contain Rodgers who can make any defense look bad, as Rodgers surveys the field better than any QB in the league. This should be an entertaining game

Prediction: Packers over Cowboys

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