Collapse in Oakland

1st Quarter: Huge break, Derek Carr and Amari Cooper hooked up for a pass play that would’ve brought the Raiders into the redzone only to have it called back for a illegal formation.

Bills first drive: Getting Sammy involved early. Tyrod and Sammy connected for 16 yards. Another catch for Sammy as the Bills cross midfield. So Justin Hunter does do more than catch TDs, he bobbled a pass from Tyrod however completed the catch as the Bills look to score on the opening drive. The drive close with a FG as Tyrod looks skittish in the pocket and takes a sack on 3rd down

Corey Graham is getting exposed, on the pass the was called back he was behind Cooper and he is burned by Rivera on a 25 yard pass completion.

There goes Jerry Hughes one penalty a game, he’s called for an offside on the Raiders drive.

The Raiders respond on their drive as the strong leg of Sebastian Janikowski knots the game at 3 a piece.

The Bills offense is moving steady.

An EJ Manuel sighting he takes a shotgun snap and pitches to LeSean McCoy for a first down, the following play Mike Gillislee takes 29 yard run into Raiders territory.

The quarter closes at 3-3 and the Bills will face a 3rd and 1 when the game resume.

2nd Quarter: Toucdown!

*insert Bills shout song*

Mike Gillislee closes the drive with a 1 yard TD run.

Hard not to be a fan of Gillislee, late round draft pick and plays well when called into action.

Bills defense holds tight and the Raiders are forced to punt on their possession following the Bills score.

Sweet 14 yard run by LeSean McCoy, he reverses field makes a few jukes and cuts up field.

The drive stalls after a Tyrod sack and a holding call, the Bills punt.

The Bills have been holding up on defense against the Raiders playmakers. When it looked like the Bills would be forcing another punt, Stephon Gilmore was called for a  pass interference call of 27 yards.

Bills caught another lucky break, Michael Crabtree dropped a sure TD pass from Derek Carr. 2 plays later they are successful on another FG.

Halftime is approaching, it’ll be great if the Bills are able to  put something together as they’ll receive the second half kickoff.


The Bills are forced to punt on the drive, the Raiders will have about 40 seconds to work, with all 3 timeouts available.

The Raiders complete 2 big pass plays, placing them close to the range of Janikowski. The Raiders complete 2 more passes and line up for a 47 yard attempt that Janikowski makes to close the half

Bills lead 10-9.


Halftime Assessment: The Bills need continue to keep Amari Copper at bay, with the inconsistent play of Gilmore, holding  Amari Cooper catchless is something to rave about. The Bills haven’t getting too much pressure on Derek Carr, Rex may want to apply more pressure as Carr is nursing an injured finger. Khalil Mack haven’t gotten to Tyrod Taylor as of yet, but did make a few tackles behind the line of scrimmage in the running game.

3rd Quarter: Lets Go!

Almost the same way LeSean McCoy started the game last week , he breaks off a 54 yard run, bringing the Bills to the 12 yard line.

Tyrod then runs the read option the following play and runs it in to the endzone for the TD!

Couldn’t ask for a better start to the half.

The Bills retake possession after a 28 yard punt at midfield.

If the Bills can put together another scoring drive it’ll place them in great position to take control of the game. These are the opportunities the Bills must take advantage of, too many the Bills keep opponents in the game (example the Miami loss)

Watching McCoy run is a thing of  beauty. 2 runs on this drive he’s made multiple defenders miss.

The Bills take advantage of the good field position. Mike Gillislee caps the drive off with his 2nd TD of the day.

The Raiders responds quickly moving the ball downfield the essentially running a 2 minute offense. Derek Carr and Michael Crabtree answer the Bills score with a TD of their own bringing the Raiders within 8 points once again.

As the Bills take over, McCoy goes down after a hard hit to the back and goes down, he did walk off the field under his own power.

The Bills went 3 and Out on the drive and then placed the Raiders with great field position on a short punt.

The Raiders are seizing momentum.

The short punt was returned to midfield, Carr along with Crabtree lead the Raiders to the redzone and the Raiders score a TD 3 plays later to come within one.

Unbelievable how the game shifted. The Bills held a 24-9 lead in the 3rd and in control of the game.

The Bills have to respond on this drive or this game will swing further in the Raiders direction.

Bills Drive: Sammy drop on 1st Down, Cordy Glenn false start on 3rd bringing up a 3rd&15

Bills 24-23

4th Quarter:

The Bills aren’t able to pick up the 1st Down

Punter Colton Schmidt isn’t having a good day punting, putting the Raiders once again in good field position.

This is a completely different game.

The Raiders have scored 21 unanswered points and pull ahead after an Amari Cooper TD where he left rookie Kevon Seymour for a TD catch.


Since the opening drive of the 3rd Quarter, the Bills haven’t done anything. Following the Riders score the Bills go 3 and out again giving the ball back to the Raiders.

The defense have to step up as the Raider cling to a 6 point lead. While the game shifted in the Raiders favor there is still close to a quarter of football to be played.

Raiders facing a 3rd&9, this might be the game if the Raiders pick it up.

Defense hold Bills regain possession. The drive will start at the 4 yard line with the Bills needing to go the length of the field.


The first play of drive Tyrod Taylor throws the interception as his arm his hit by Khalil Mack, the Raiders are closing in on their 1oth win of the season.

The Raiders turn the turnovers into points with a Murray TD run.

The Raiders also goes for 2 and converts to push the lead to 14.

Khalil Mack on consecutive drive ends the Bills hopes, as the Bills were entering scoring position, Mack forced a strip sack and also recovered the fumble for the Raiders.


Game ends 38-24.

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