Close in Seattle

Close, but no cigar…….

The Bills dropped their 3rd consecutive game in dramatic fashion to the Seattle Seahawks 31-25.

Tyrod Taylor pass in the Endzone fell haplessly to the ground as time expired on the final play. The Bills marched down the field to get in scoring position only to be denied from 10 yards outside.

The final play however isn’t all that will be talked about for the next few days, as the officials potentially missed a play at the end of the 2nd Quarter that could’ve had the Bills lining up for a game tying FG instead on going for the TD.

Nearing the end of the 2nd Quarter the Bills lined up for a FG to cut the Seahawks lead to a single possession. Dan Carpenter was set in place to kick, however as he was ready Richard Sherman jumped off-sides colliding directly into Dan Carpenter knee, the whistle to blow the play dead wasn’t heard so Sherman continued on causing the collision. The aftermath of the play is where the controversy comes in, Sherman was not flagged for the hit which since yesterday the NFL announced he should’ve and if so the FG attempt would’ve been closer. Not only was the correct penalty not called the Bills themselves were then flagged for a delay of game penalty as the play clock wasn’t reset during the aftermath of the confusion with the officials. Dan Carpenter connected on the long distance FG only for the whistle to blow for the delay of game call, Carpenter then attempted the FG again from 5 yards further and it was no good to bring the half to a close.


As you’ll hear a lot of Coaches and Players one play doesn’t make a game.

The 2nd Quarter of the game seen the Seahawks score 21 points and the Bills were unable to contain Jimmy Graham. Graham appears to be fully healthy for the first time as a Seahawk and torched the Bills with 2 one handed grabs in the Endzone that almost looked identical.

Taking away the 2nd Quarter defensively the Bills played tough holding the Seahawks to only 3 points for the second half of the game. The Bills controlled the game throughout winning the battle with yards and time of possession, just not the game.

The 3 game losing streak the Bills are on all but wipes out the 4 game ride the Bills were on 3 weeks ago. The Bills have lost ground in the division and the playoff race on the slide. 

The Bills will be off next week as they head into the bye week.

The Bills come off the bye and will face the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati. The Bills and Bengals are evenly matched which gives the game the opportunity to go either way. 

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