Back on Track

It’s been a few days since the Buffalo Bills defeated the Cardinals. The Bills were able to get their first win of the season in convincing fashion at New Era Field last Sunday. 

Coming into the game with a 0-2 record and the recent firing of Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman, prepped my heart for the worst.

Early in the 1st Quarter Tyrod Taylor ran the read option play and was able to gain 49 yards, putting the Bills in scoring position, after the play the crowd and vibe was insane.

Being in attendance at the game you could feel the shift in energy.

In addition to the ground game finally working the Bills defense of old was able to get to multiple stops on a prolific offense of the Arizona Cardinals.

When Carson Palmer wasn’t throwing interceptions (4) he was picking himself off the ground, the Bills defense was able to sack Palmer 5 times.

After the debacle versus the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football seeing the defense respond in such a way was encouraging.

The Bills special teams also joined in on the action, the Cardinals were set up to kick a field goal in the 3rd Quarter when the snap went over the holders head and Aaron Williams was there for the scoop and score.

Williams returned the high snap 53 yards for the Touchdown, and the rout was on ,the Bills went ahead 30-7.

During the Williams return I lost it, I went 4 rows up and found a Cardinals fan in a Larry Fitzgerald jersey and literally hugged the guy and was jumping up and down as Williams reached the end zone, it was complete pandemonium in the stands.

I later apologized to the gentleman once I collected myself, he was a good sport throughout the entire situation.

The switch with offensive coordinators did little in the passing game on Sunday, the Bills were without Sammy Watkins, who continues to battle with injuries through his career.

Tyrod Taylor was held to under 175 of passing and no passing TDs. The run game which had been stagnant for the 1st 2 games seen LeSean McCoy reached 100 yards with 2 TDs and Tyrod Taylor reached about 75 on the ground himself.

Taylor completion percentage was poor, but missing Watkins as his top receiving threat it was expected. The Bills aside from Watkins have a pedestrian receiving corps, which doesn’t help Taylor at all. The Bills will have to invest in a WR rather through the draft or free agency this upcoming off-season to maximize Taylor full potential as a passer.

 The offense started to show promise and the defense was strong vs the Cardinals which is good as they’ll travel to New England to play the Patriots this week.

The Patriots are ailing with QB woes and the Bills could possibly steal a victory from the Patriots due their injury situation at QB. After the Patriots the Bills have winnable games vs the Rams, 49ers and Dolphins, this is a stretch in the schedule the Bills need to take advantage to snap the playoff drought.

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