False Start in Baltimore 

The Buffalo Bills opened the 2016 NFL season with an unimpressive game vs the Baltimore Ravens.

The Bills lost the game 13-7. 

Keeping in mind it was only one game, the defense was stout, and improved from 2015.

The lone hiccup coming on defense was a 67 yard catch and run given up to Mike Wallace, where Safety Duke Williams was badly beaten on the play.

In today’s NFL of high scoring offenses the Defense held their own.

On the other hand the Bills offense failed to perform. 

The Bills were held to under 200 yards of Offense.

Had it not been for an escape and pass out of the pocket from Tyrod Taylor to Charles Clay the Bills likely would’ve been held scoreless. 

The Bills offense failed to capitalize on the Defenses play.

At one point in the game Tyrod Taylor was averaging as little as 4 yards per pass. The Bills showed no threat of a vertical passing game.

The offense reminded me of when Trent Edwards was at the helm and he was given the nickname Captain Check-Down for the dink and dunk offense. 

Again it’s only one game in a 16 game schedule, but the offensive showing was poor and must improve going forward.

The Bills have a short week as they play the New York Jets, Thursday night at New Era Field. 

With the short week, the Bills likely will turn to game film of the 2 games from last season vs the Jets to see what areas they’ll be able to exploit.

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4 thoughts on “False Start in Baltimore 

  1. Hmmmmm… I was unable to watch Sunday but had checked the score and sighed when I saw it. Looked at the Jets’ score and standing just now and saw they’re “tied” for third place with the Bills, which makes me just chuckle at this point in the season. Did you see any game highlights—any insight into what that 23-22 loss to the Bengals is all about? Thursday p.m. should be interesting. 😉

    1. You didn’t miss much on Sunday’s game at all. But the Jets and Bengals game was pretty good, I didn’t watch too much since it was on at the same time as the Bills game. It came down to the wire though, the Jets had a chance to win it but our old Quarterback Fitzpatrick turned the ball over so game over lol

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