New Era Field

An announcement we knew was coming since last Saturday was made official today, when the Buffalo Bills announced the naming rights to the former Ralph Wilson stadium was granted to New Era.

The official name of the Buffalo Bills stadium will now be called New Era Field.


New Era will own the naming rights to the stadium for the remaining term of the lease, which span over the next 7 years.

The naming rights, however doesn’t come with its share of criticism. The change comes with the removal of Beloved Owner Ralph Wilson name and that doesn’t sit well with some.

While I understand the criticism, I can understand where Terry and Kim Pegula were coming from in making the change.

The Pegulas are the new owners of the team and will need to brand their team as such. The Pegulas paid 2 Billion Dollars for the Buffalo Bills but the place where they are able to see the return on their investment bares another Owners name.

Not saying the move was strictly ego driven at all, but I do think it played a role. The name change also generates revenue for the Bills as they’ll be paid $ 25 Million for the life of the deal.

Removing Ralph Wilson name from the stadium doesn’t erase what he did for the City of Buffalo, just as the Pegulas changing the name isn’t a sign of disrespect to Ralph Wilson.

Ralph Wilson is still honored by a life-size statue at the Stadium and the Pegulas are still in the process of attempting to put a successful team on the field.

Whether it’s the Rock Pile, Rich Stadium. Ralph Wilson Stadium or New Era Field, fans just want a Winner.

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