Buffalo Bills agree to Contract Extension with QB Tyrod Taylor

The Buffalo Bills announced a contract extension for QB Tyrod Taylor this afternoon.

Taylor based on a clause in his contract would’ve been a Free Agent a season end.

While the terms are still undisclosed sources have the contract length to be roughly 5 to 6 years. *Update (Contract value announced at 6 Years $90 Million)

Taylor was a first year Starter this past season and showed flashes of promises.


Taylor passed for 3,000 yards threw for 20 TDs and led the Bills to an 8-6 record.

I’m a fan of Taylor, however if I was in the position of the Bills, I would’ve waited until seasons end for negotiations. The Bills have been burned in the past, mainly by the early extension given to Ryan Fitzpatrick who lasted a year and a half after signing his new deal.

While getting the deal done now, possibly saves the Bills a few extra million, if Taylor goes out and improves on his 2015 season. However if he doesn’t it could negatively impact an already salary strict-en Bills team.

Regardless of the fact, I’m happy for Tyrod Taylor he paid his dues sitting behind Joe Flacco in Baltimore for 4 years before coming to Buffalo and becoming a full time starter.

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