2016-17 Buffalo Bills Predicted Stats

The Buffalo Bills kick off their preseason schedule vs the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium tomorrow August 9th.

With the season exactly one month away I thought it’d be fun to predict some offensive and defensive stats for some stars of the team, for the upcoming season.

Tyrod Taylor: 3,875 Yards Passing 25 TDs 10 INTs, 479 Rushing Yards 5 TDs

LeSean McCoy: 1,095 Rushing Yards 6 TDs

Charles Clay: 61 Catches 745 Receiving TDs 4 TDs

Sammy Watkins: 77 Catches 1,245 Yards Receiving 11 TDs


Jerry Hughes: 11 Sacks, 3 Forced Fumbles

Marcell Dareus 8 Sacks, 10 Tackles for loss


Stephon Gilmore 2 Interceptions, 15 Pass Deflections

Ronald Darby 5 Interceptions, 16 Pass Deflections

Check back in after the season (January 2017) to see how far off or spot on my predications were.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “2016-17 Buffalo Bills Predicted Stats

  1. Honestly, I think Charles Clay is super important to this Offense this year. He needs to get at least 5-7 passes his way. We have seen that he can be a huge threat when Taylor throws it to him. The only issue I see with this is exploiting the middle of the field. Taylor has to start doing this because Defenses will simply take away the outside and have an LB spy Tyrod. Tyrod needs to just do what he did last year. Doing this and our D being improved, which I think Rex realizes his job could be on the line for, should be enough for a winning season. Losing Karlos, in all honesty, I don’t think is a huge deal. I know he had 9 TD’s (or something like that) but if McCoy stays healthy, he is one of the best in the league.1500 all purpose yards from McCoy is a lot to ask for but I truly believe is attainable. Sammy is and will be the man for a while. Hopefull Tyrod learned that things happen when he throws the ball to him. 7-10 targets per game (if not more depending on the situation). Robert Woods to me is a question mark. I know he is our #2 but is he legitimate? I feel like I should know this answer by now and I don’t.
    If we stay somewhat healthy and our Defense improves, I am talking top 10 in points allowed, I truly think we have a winning team. It sounds dumb but I think the first game against the Ravens is huge. They are always right there in the race for a wild card and head to head win is huge.

  2. I agree with you completely! The Bills will have a chance to compete for a playoff spot with all the weapons we have now. And if Woods could take some pressure of Watkins that will help the offense big time! The team is very close to contending

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