Michael Vick Documentary presented by B/R

Bleacher Report produced a 5 part series of former number 1 pick Michael Vick that first debuted on July 11,2016. The series concludes tonight and will detail how Michael Vick is now an advocate for animal rights.

The documentary is available via the Bleacher Report App or Website. The link is included below.


Mike Vick revolutionized the QB position when he entered the league with the Atlanta Falcons.

I remember being a young fan sitting in amazement watching Vick, his speed and quickness was unparalleled to any player I had ever seen playing QB.


The documentary includes interviews with former players, coaches, and media personalities. Vick himself is also in the documentary speaking on the type of person he use to be, and the things that lead him down his path in life.

The documentary is broken down into 5 Chapters and gives a brief insight on Mike Vick sudden rise to stardom and then the 2 year halt to his career, that came during Vick imprisonment.

I’ll give the documentary a 3 out of 5. Nothing new  came out of the documentary that many didn’t know already, and for that I’ll knock it down a few stars.


I’m sure this is the first of many Documentaries that will be coming out about Michael Vick career as his playing days begin to come to an end.

Vick is currently a Free Agent last playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015, it was rumored he could soon be signing with the Seattle Seahawks to backup Russell Wilson.

If the Seahawks deal doesn’t happen Vick will likely get a shot late in training camp or during the season to provide depth once an injury occurs to another veteran QB.

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