Patriots QB Tom Brady has Deflategate appeal denied by 2nd U.S. Circuit Court 

see update 7/15/2016 below

The saga continues……


Tom Brady most recent appeal to get his 4 game suspension overturn was once again rejected.

The never ending issue, stems from the 2014-15 AFC Championship game (Yes 2014, the game was played January 2015 however)


At this point I think I speak for everyone as we all are ready to put this top bed once and for all.

Tom Brady I assume is fighting for his pride at this point. And the NFL is doing the same.

The NFL has stated that they’re not willing to negotiate the suspension when it was thought Brady might be willing to settle with a 2 game suspension vs the 4 games currently.

Many believe now that Tom Brady will now take the issue to the US Supreme Court (Really the Supreme Court) to have the case be heard.

Hopefully a resolution is on the horizon for both parties and an agreement can be made or at least let bygones be bygones and move on, but I think both the NFL and Brady are in was too deep for that to happen.

So until then we wait…………

Thanks for ready all feedback

****UPDATE 7/15/2016

Tom Brady wrote the following message on his facebook ultimately conceding to the NFL ruling and will serve his 4 game suspension effective at the start of the NFL Regular season.





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