Dwyane Wade set to go Home to the Bulls

The reality show, which is NBA Free Agency is keeping all us basketball fans glued to our TVs.

Last night’s episode was no different.

Various media outlets since the start of free agency leaked out rumors that Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat might be headed for a divorce. However we paid it no mind as we heard the same in 2010 and even last year when Wade was also a free agent last.  But last night around 10PM EST those rumors became a reality when D-Wade advised the Heat he’ll be signing with his hometown Chicago Bulls.

The news came as a shock, yes Wade was a free agent, but no one expected him to leave. D-Wade was Miami, he has been there since being drafted from the famed 2003 draft class, bought 3 NBA titles to the City and practically re-wrote the Miami Heat record books.


Video narrated by Israel Gutierrez of ESPN


Even in my Free Agent Palooza post I didn’t even mention Wade as a player who might change teams.

But Wade felt disrespected and unwanted by the Heat organization and he showed that by exiting for the Windy City.


I imagine Miami didn’t want to be in the same situation the Los Angeles Lakers just went through with Kobe Bryant. Paying an aging veteran max dollar, but not getting the same on the investment. Bryant salary restricted the Lakers the last 2 years and they were unable to add quality players around him in his last years. Then there was the injury factor, the same as with Wade not knowing how his body would hold up during the rigorous of another 82 game season. In Wade’s defence, he did play more than 70 games compared to years past and averaged close to 20 points per game.

And Wade still showed flashes of his former self, especially in the playoffs when he staved off elimination vs the Charlotte Hornets in Game 6.

D-Wade is 34 years old and figures to have maybe 2-3 years of playing at a higher level, but now with his departure he’ll be yet another legend that will not be able to stay on one team during the course of his entire career.

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