Kevin Durant signs with the Golden State Warriors

The decision that kept us all at bay was announced via the Players Tribune. Kevin Durant announced he’ll be joining the Golden State Warriors.

With the decision, Kevin Durant easily becomes one of the most scrutinized, and most hated players in the NBA.

Durant is basically on the elusive NBA Championship hunt.

Seems like the new NBA players don’t have the same heart of the NBA players of old.

Patrick Ewing ran into Michael Jordan countless times in the Eastern Conference playoffs but did you see Ewing running to team up with Jordan and the Bulls?

Players no more are taking the hard route to NBA championships. Players are deciding to team up and join forces and this move is evident.

To obtain a Championship  it use to require blood, sweat, and tears now it just takes a few players taking a salary cut and putting their ego aside.

I don’t won’t to come off as a bitter fan, I’m just looking at it from a perspective of still requiring hard work to obtain the highest prize. A grueling 82 game schedule and playoff don’t get me wrong is hard work, but how much easier is it with Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green all on the floor.

It’ll be odd Durant battled against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals and gave up a commanding 3-1 lead. You’d think that would burn a desire inside of Durant to beat the Warriors at all cost, but it was just the opposite he decided to join them.

The old adage, if you can’t beat them join them applies here perfectly.

I’d just like to see the old NBA rivalries, hard fouls, the pure dislike for one another. Seems like those days are over.

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