NBA Free Agent Palooza

The fortune of some NBA teams will change when the clock strikes 12 going into Friday July 1st.

Teams will be lining up to meet with Free Agents in an attempt to get the team to bask in the glory of winning a NBA Championship.

The likes of Kevin Durant, Al Horford, Dwight Howard, Hassan Whiteside, and Mike Conley will hit the open market and hope to be the missing piece for a certain team Championship puzzle.

Kevin Durant the one player in my opinion, in the Free Agent class that can single handily alter the balance of power in the NBA has 6 meetings set up this weekend with prospective teams for his services.

Durant is set to meet with the Celtics and Heat in the Eastern Conference, and if he decides to move East, whichever team he’ll choose between the 2 will be sure to challenge LeBron James and the Cavaliers for Eastern Conference Supremacy.


If Durant stays West and return to the CHOKE-lahoma City Thunder (still a bit bitter of the 3-1 series lead they let slip vs the Warriors) they’ll continue to be a contender.

Durant is meeting with the Warriors and that meeting is set up for Friday as they attempt to build a super team for Steve Kerr. Getting Kevin Durant would be a nice consolation for blowing a 3-1 series lead in the NBA Finals.

Other teams meetings with Durant are the Clippers, and Spurs. The Clippers too could possibly have a super team on their hands providing they won’t have to let one of their core players of CP3, Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan go to lure Durant. And the Spurs, are the Spurs as long as Greg Pop is there they’ll be in contention, but it wasn’t until last summer when they signed LaMarcus Aldridge that they dabbled in the free agency frenzy. If Durant chooses to sign with the Spurs it allow Aldridge and Durant to suit up together, something that would’ve happened a few years earlier at the University of Texas before Aldridge left early for the NBA.

Kevin Durant will dominate the headlines until he decides the team he’ll be playing for this upcoming season.

Al Horford also will generate a lot of the buzz, a report came out today the Thunder might be in the bidding for his services and if so that could form quite the trio if Durant returns with Horford and Russell Westbrook. The Hawks, and Knicks are other known teams possibly willing to provide a max contract to Horford.

The Knicks potentially might be able to challenge for a top 4 seed in the Eastern Conference with a successful summer. After completing the Derrick Rose many players might view New York as a prime free agent destination for years to come. Joakim Noah appears to have his eye sight on the Knicks once midnight hit, reuniting him with D. Rose and turning the Knicks basically into the Bulls.

Then there’s the 76ers (My Favorite Team) with Ben Simmons on board as the #1 overall pick, for the first time in 3 years should be active, as “The Process” of rebuilding/retooling seems to be taking off under the Colangelo Family. “Sources” have the 76ers in play for Harrison Barnes and Philadelphia native Dion Waiters as targets in the first few hours of Free Agency. The 76ers however should also be active via trade as well as they’re overstocked with big men.

Free Agency is a domino effect once the first big domino fall everyone else will fall into place. But there will be teams left scrambling after putting all their eggs in one basket only to miss out on the player they had their sights set on.

There’s going to be a boatload of cash passed out over the next several days with every player available looking to cash in on their pay-day.


For every team that will hit it big with Free Agents this summer, there’s going to be some team that will pay a steep price for a player and yield nothing on the return. It’s a cautionary tale that happens every with free agency.

Free Agent signings will be coming in fast make your phone is set up to push notifications to stay on top of all signings.

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