My Tweets from OKC vs GS Game 4-7

The Golden State Warriors are advancing to the NBA Finals after overcoming a 3-1 series deficit vs the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Take a look at my series of tweets as Game 4-7 progressed in the series.

The first tweet is an in game score of the OKC Thunder vs Golden State Warriors, where the Thunder had a huge lead

After The Blowout in Oklahoma City the Thunder were up 3-1, needing at least 1 victory in the next 3 games to advance to the NBA Finals.




OKC lost Game 5 to Golden State , making the series 3-2.


During Game 6 where the Warriors were looking to tie the series, while OKC was leading Skip Bayless tweeted this reaction (see my reply to his tweet)





Golden State won Game 6 also, forcing a decisive game 7. The Warriors now have won 2 straight games.

The Thunder held as much as a 13 point lead in the first half of Game 7, by halftime the Warriors had cut the lead to 8. By the time the 3rd Quarter rolled around the Warriors turned the margin to a double digit lead for themselves and you knew the Thunder wouldn’t be able to overcome. (see my tweet the moment the Warriors took the lead)


The Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers will kick off the NBA Finals this Thursday June 2

Thanks for reading for all feedback and coolekidd on twitter for in game reaction.



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