Major League Baseball Free Agent

The dog days of summer are approaching, all sport fans know what that means for us. The NBA/NHL seasons will be concluding in about 3 weeks, the NFL doesn’t start back up with training camp until late July, and college sports have ended in which seems like forever ago.

We are a bit lucky this year with the Olympics in Rio starting August 5th however, but aside from that, our fix, will be the NBA Summer league games from late June to early July until NFL teams begin to report for camp.

So that’ll leave us with one option….

“America’s favorite past time BASEBALL”


Baseball hits its peak during the summer, division races are tight and teams are starting to jock for position for the pennant.

The only problem is I have no rooting interest in baseball which makes hard for me to be more than a casual fan.

So I’ve decided to take me talents and fan-hood to some lucky team this summer.

I’ve put together a short list of some teams that I feel I may connect with, but I’ll need your help in deciding the lucky team.

New York Yankees: Well they’re the Yankees so that’s an easy choice. I reside in Buffalo, NY so we do have the state connection working for us.

New York Mets: Another State connection, so that’s a possiblity and they also seem to be a team on the rise.

Toronto Blue Jays: They’re the Affiliate of my hometown minor league team the Buffalo Bisons so it’ll be neat to possibly see some of the  Major League players when they’re on assignment from Toronto.

Cleveland Indians: Just a 3 hour drive up the I-90 in close proximity.

San Francisco Gaints: 3 World Series in the last several years and I was a big fan of Barry Bonds while he chased the Homerun record.

The decision won’t be easy but with your help I think I’ll come to a decision that I’ll be satisfied with for years to come.

Thanks for reading please go vote! If you have any trouble with the poll please respond by whichever avenue you read the post Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or LinkedIN.



3 thoughts on “Major League Baseball Free Agent

  1. Oh, Eugene…I am a die-hard Red Sox fan — not an option for you? 😉 I lived in Boston in ’75 when the were in the Series after a long drought. The Boston Globe had an iron-on transfer you could cut out and put onto a t-shirt (which I did!) that said “Wait until next year!” It was 11 years later (vs. the next year) that they were in another series, and another eighteen ‘til they won a Series. It’s hard for me to recommend a team here, but it wouldn’t be the Yankees OR the Mets! I’m going with Toronto; had a friend who worked for the CBC affiliate there and sat in the the broadcast booth for a game there years ago — very cool!

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