The Blowout in Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Thunder handed out a complete beat down to the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors to the tune of 133-105.

The Thunder now have a 2-1 series lead and will look to take a commanding lead in the series Tuesday Night with another home game.

The Thunder were poised and responded from their 20 point lost last week, to hold a lead as large as 41 vs the Warriors.


From the start of the series many doubted the Thunder had a shot at winning the series even after their Game 1 victory, and the Thunder did nothing to make anyone to believe any differently with their performance in Game 2.

However after last night game where they completely over-matched and overpowered the Warriors, they now very well may stand to be the favorite to represent the West in the NBA Finals starting June 2nd.


The large scoring margin still counts as just one game though, and just as we all counted the Thunder out vs the Spurs after losing Game 1 of that series by 32 points, it’s certain the Warriors won’t go down without a fight.

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