Don’t Call It A Comeback

50-0? That could soon be the mark of Floyd Mayweather professional boxing record if he decides to come out of retirement. 50 wins would also move Mayweather pass Rocky Marciano for most professional boxing victories.

Mayweather last fought exactly one year ago today May 2, 2015 vs Manny Pacquiao.

Media outlets have reported that Mayweather have had financial discussions with CBS Sports regarding a potential return to the ring.

Everything at this point is all speculation if Mayweather will return to the ring or not. If he does return, picking the right opponent will be essential. Many including myself feel more quality opponents were overlooked for lesser fighters not so deserving of the match.

Would Mayweather risk also putting the undefeated streak on the line? Against a tough fighter? Or take the easy pay-day and win from someone who would present less of a challenge?

Mayweather is 39 years of age as well, so along with the physical opponent in the ring, Mayweather will also be going against age itself if he does decide to return to the ring. As we all know and have seen many times Father Time is undefeated as well.

What about the Pay Per View market for Mayweather? Is there still a market? As Mayweather career ended his fights didn’t present much excitement throughout the 12 rounds. With customers now being asked to pay 99.95 to watch the fight it’s a lot ask for a little action.


Would you pay to see another Floyd Mayweather Fight?


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