No Goal

As the NHL Playoffs continue to go on I can’t help but reminisce about June 1999.

The Buffalo Sabres faced the Dallas Stars in the Stanley Cup Finals that year.

It was Game 6 all the Stars needed to do was win the game to win the Stanley Cup and the Sabres were looking to stave off elimination. I was 12 years old and was glued to the TV in my Mothers room trying to stay awake to see the Sabres force Game 7 back in Dallas. The game went in triple overtime and the clock had already turned to the next day. My Mother and I were trying to locate the puck on the ice, the action was so fast paced it was almost hard to keep up but we did. Then the unthinkable happened the Stars scored and just like that the Sabres season was over. I remember the goal and the replays showing how close the Stars player was to the Goalie thinking to myself this couldn’t count but I was a novice fan to the game so I was unsure.

The Goal was ruled as valid, and the Stars were awarded the Stanley Cup trophy. The issue or controversy with the goal was the Stars players Brett Hull skate was in the crease at the time of the shot and many felt the goal should’ve been nullified for that fact. The NHL however stood by the decision and stated the correct call was made.


The Goal is known throughout the sports world as” No Goal” as many felt the goal shouldn’t have counted that night in June. It’s a phrase that still burns in the City of Buffalo just as bad as “Wide Right” does.

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11 thoughts on “No Goal

  1. You are so right — “No Goal” and Wide Right“ are etched in the minds of all Western New Yorkers whether they’re sports fans or not. One of my neighbors has a Bills’ fan jersey that says “Just One Before I Die”…Yup— that about sums it up for either the Sabres or Bills. 😉

    Here’s a sports fan fun fact about me: I lived in Boston in the mid-70s and have been a Red Sox fan ever since. The year they lost the World Series vs. Cincinnati there was an iron-on decal for t-shirts in the Boston Globe that said “Wait ‘til next year…”, and I bought a plain white tee, ironed on that decal, and wore that shirt with pride. It was another 9 years before they were in another World Series — and Bill Buckner became Boston’s equivalent to our Scott Norwood in the final game. The joke went like this: Q: “What do Bill Buckner and Michael Jackson have in common? A: They both wear one glove for no apparent reason. LOL! Here is a youtube link to that infamous moment:

    At least the Sox have won a few series since those losses. I can still dream about a Bills or Sabres title…

      1. Im routing for them kinda that got one of my favorite players in the league the Rhino!! Hey I create a comic strip called those seats about the NHL playoffs as a hockey fan I would like your opinion its suppose to be funny.

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