Rex Ryan Introduces Trump in Buffalo

Buffalo Bills Coach Rex Ryan introduced Donald Trump last night at the First Niagara Center for the Trump rally. During the introduction Ryan proudly boasted how he likes how Trump says what’s on his mind, a similarity the 2 share.

Ryan was quoted and saying he wasn’t endorsing Trump for the presidency but admired him for having courage and respected him as a businessman.

The Bills released a statement saying the introduction was a personal decision made by Ryan and was not an indication of a Trump endorsement by the Buffalo Bills or Owners Terry and Kim Pegula.

I think had this been any other Coach of the Bills this may have not gotten as much attention as it has but its Rex Ryan. The Coach who at times seems to be happier in front of a podium or being a celebrity, than coaching a game. Donald Trump is such a controversial candidate for presidency that you would think someone in a public position as Ryan would want to draw away from his antics than draw closer as Ryan appears to done.

Comments have been made by Trump that some may think border on the lines or racist, egotistical and outright ridiculous but that didn’t stop Ryan.

Do Ryan latest antics pose a threat to him losing the locker room or even potential free agents from signing in Buffalo for a conflict of political interest? That shall remain to be seen. Politics in the workplace is a topic normally that HR warns employees not to discuss openly but here you have the Head Coach now publicly voicing his support for a controversial Presidential Candidate.

With the type of candidate you have in Trump, Ryan may have been better suited to sit this one out on the sidelines, a place he may be if this decision has a negative impact on the team.


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2 thoughts on “Rex Ryan Introduces Trump in Buffalo

  1. We just got back from a few days in Denver (where it snowed! LOL!) and I’d heard about this via various media outlets. Between Ryan and Paladino and because of their support of him making headlines, it’s made several of my friends feel like they ought to explain to friends outside of Western New York that those two are definitely NOT representing us. Time will tell if Ryan’s comments sideline him; in all probability, people will forget about this asinine move. A winning Bills’ season would sure help. 😉 Sigh…. 😦

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