NBA Weekend in Review

The NBA Playoffs kicked off this weekend and it was pretty much a dud.

Out of the 8 playoff contest 6 of the games were won by double digits. The Atlanta Hawks won their game by 1 however had built a lead as high as 19 points at one time.

Of the competitive games from the weekend were the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons the game was tightly contested for the entire game heading into the 4th Quarter. The Cavs prevailed as they received a lot of help from their stars LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin love

The other game that was competitive throughout was the Toronto Raptors vs Indiana Pacers game. Paul George looked rejuvenated as he continues to rebound from his major leg injury suffered in 2014. George scored the majority of his points in the 3rd Quarter and have the Raptors on the ropes of potentially another Playoff failure.

The Warriors, Spurs, Thunder, Heat, and Clippers all won their games by 20 points or more.

Steph Curry of the Warriors did suffer an ankle injury in Game 1 vs the Rockets which will be closely monitored as the Playoffs continue. Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley hurt his hamstring and have already been ruled out for the rest of the series.

With the amount of the blowouts we seen this weekend, it would be a great time for the NBA to review the 1st round playoff structure. The current structure stands at a best of 7 game series, and have been that way since 2003 when the NBA went away from the best of 5 series. Obviously everything is money driven but if the product is watered down are you getting the bang for your buck?



Photo: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

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