NBA 1st Round Playoff Predictions

Saturday starts the 2015-16 NBA Playoffs. Below are my series by series predictions for both the Eastern and Western Conferences.


Saturday 12:30 PM

(2) Toronto Raptors vs (7) Indiana Pacers: Raptors wins series 4-2. Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan will be too much for the Pacers to overcome.

Saturday 7:00 PM

(4) Atlanta Hawks vs (5) Boston Celtics: Celtics wins series 4-3. Probably one of the most evenly matched series in the Playoffs but the Celtics prevail.

Sunday 3:00PM

(1) Cleveland Cavaliers vs (8) Detroit Pistons: Cavaliers wins series 4-1. The Pistons return to the post season will be short lived, the Cavs will win handily.

Sunday 5:30PM

(3) Miami Heat vs (6) Charlotte Hornets: Heat wins series 4-2. Should be another tightly contested series, but Wade experience should be enough to rally his team.



Saturday 3:30PM

(1) Golden State Warriors vs (8) Houston Rockets: Warriors wins series 4-1. What a difference a season makes, last year this was the Western Conference Finals series.

Saturday 9:30PM

(3) Oklahoma City Thunder vs (6) Dallas Mavericks: Thunder wins series 4-1: I struggled with this series I wanted to predict a sweep but I respect Dirk too much so I’ll give the Mavs a game.

Sunday 8:00PM

(2) San Antonio Spurs vs (7) Memphis Grizzlies: Spurs wins 4-0. The injury woes will be too much for the Grizzlies to compete in the series.

Sunday 10:30PM

(4) Los Angeles Clippers vs (5) Portland Trail Blazers: Clippers wins series 4-2. The Chris Paul vs Dame Lillard match up will be nice to watch.

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