Buffalo Bills 2016 Regular Season Prediction

Last night the NFL released the 2016 Regular Season. Every team now knows where they’ll begin their quest for the Lombardi Trophy. Let’s take a look at the Bills schedule and predict the win/loss total.



September 11, 2016: Bills vs Ravens (Win)

September 15, 2016: Jets vs Bills (Win)

September 25, 2016: Cardinals vs Bills (Loss)

October 2, 2016: Bills vs Patriots (Loss)

October 9, 2016: Bills vs Rams (Win)

October 16, 2016: 49ers vs Bills (Win)

October 23, 2016: Bills vs Dolphins (Loss)

October 30, 2016: Patrits vs Bills (Loss)

November 7, 2016 Bills vs Seahawks (Loss)

November 20, 2016: Bills vs Bengals (Loss)

November 27, 2016: Jaguars vs Bills (Win)

December 4, 2016: Bills vs Raiders (Win)

December 11, 2016: Steelers vs Bills (Loss)

December 18, 2016 Browns vs Bills (Win)

December 24 2016: Dolphins vs Bills (Win)

January 1, 2017 Bills vs Jets (Loss)

This prediction has the Buffalo Bills finishing a disappointing 8-8 which would match last season win total and the Bills missing the Playoffs. Obviously the prediction is made with many holes to fill for all the teams in the NFL as the Draft approaches in 2 weeks. When the draft concludes and as injuries and free agents continue to sign this prediction may be swayed by 2 games going either way for the Bills.

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