Mamba Out

What a vintage performance by Kobe Bean Bryant last night. Kobe dazzled the Staples Center and the millions of us watching at home to the tune of 60 points. Kobe had an amazing stretch in the 1st and 4th quarters, ones that will cement his legacy as he goes down as one of the greatest Lakers all time.

Easily one of the fiercest competitors the NBA have ever seen, you wouldn’t want a better ending for someone like this. From the onset of the game everyone wanted Kobe to get up as many shots as possible to make the night magical and he did just that shooting 50 times from the field.

At times Kobe seemed exhausted but as he done his entire career he put the Lakers on his back and turned a large deficit into a win as he scored the go ahead bucket and clinching free throws to secure the victory. Hollywood wouldn’t be able to script a better ending unless it ended with a Championship.

No matter whom your favorite player is or your favorite team after an illustrious career and countless memorable performances you can do nothing but respect the player that is Kobe Bryant.

Thank You Kobe for the memories; it is indeed the end of an era.

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