NBA Eastern Conference Thoughts

Today marks the close of another NBA season; here are my thoughts and opinions on the teams from the Eastern Conference.

Toronto Raptors : Kyle Lowry is one of my favorite players, could give the Cavs a challenge.

Boston Celtics: Scrappy bunch, won’t be an easy out in the playoffs.

New York Knicks: Melo needs to waive his no trade clause and look to move elsewhere.

Brooklyn Nets: No 1st Round pick and bare of talent.

Philadelphia 76ers: May 17th NBA Draft Lottery, hoping for the 1st overall pick.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Likely to represent the Eastern Conference in the Finals.

Indiana Pacers: Happy to see Paul George return to form after his leg injury.

Detroit Pistons: Back in the playoff for the first time since 2009, job well done SVG.

Chicago Bulls: Might be time to move on from Derrick Rose and regroup.

Milwaukee Bucks: Wonder if Greg Monroe is having second thoughts on his decision.

Miami Heat: Will Bosh return for the playoffs?

Atlanta Hawks: Those red and neon green jerseys they wear are horrible.

Charlotte Hornets: Every time I watch Kemba I get reminded of his crossover shot at MSG

Washington Wizards: May have lost out on the KD sweepstakes after an awful season.

Orlando Magic: Aaron Gordon should’ve won the dunk contest.

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