Just Say No

News came out yesterday that talented WR Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns failed another drug test. Gordon when active is easily one of the best young players in the NFL however after another failed drug test I doubt we may see his talents on the field in the near future. Gordon missed the first 10 games of the 2014 season, and then all of the 2015 season, and with this failed test the 2016 season is definitely in jeopardy.

The issue is bigger than his team having him on the field or fans being able to cheer for him in the stands. Gordon obviously needs help to beat which may seem to be an addiction at this point.

Not knowing the facts Gordon could’ve have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and the failed sample could’ve came from second hand smoke, but even if that is the case you have to understand your career is on the line and not to put yourself in a position to compromise your livelihood.

Hopefully Josh Gordon can get his life in order and get the necessary help he needs not to play football but to live a sober life.

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NFL: Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills
Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY

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