The Summer of Durant

As the NBA regular season comes to a close and we approach the 2015-2016 Playoffs a lot of attention will be focused on the Oklahoma City Thunder playoff run.

Kevin Durant will be an unrestricted free agent and will be able to choose from a host of NBA teams to spend the prime years of his NBA career.

You’ll have to think if the Thunder can make a deep playoff run, they’ll be in prime contention to retain his services. But an early exit can definitely have Durant weighing all options.

Where will KD sign?

Does he return to OKC?

Does he go home to the DMV to team up with John Wall?

Is he the next Heir Apparent to Kobe in LA?

The Super Team in Golden State? (For the record I will not watch Basketball during the life of his contract there.)

Will he be the first building block in the Philadelphia project? ( That’s the Philly fan in me) Wisful Thinking.

KD and The Beard on the same team again in H-Town?

Or will he be the missing link for the Celtics who’s looking for a Superstar to put them over the top?

Truth is no one knows but it will be an interesting Summer, one that will have the sports world captivated until it concludes.

The Summer of Durant

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