Bills vs Patriots Week 2 Recap

The highly anticipated week 2 match-up between division foes finally arrived. The Buffalo Bills welcomed the defending *Super Bowl champions into town to start the race for the crown of the AFC East. The day started off with ESPN filming the morning addition of sportSCenter on site at Ralph Wilson stadium. Hall of Famers Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas and the man who orchestrated the super teams of the 90’s Bill Polian toured Founders Plaza where the new Ralph Wilson statue was unveiled last week. Coming off an impressive win vs the Colts the Bills headed into the game confident and it showed through the media. Many players this week took several verbal jabs at the New England Patriots and made it known they were ready to turn the tide in the one sided rivalry. Let’s see how it played. 


1st Quarter: The Buffalo Bills receive the opening kickoff and moved straight down the field with Tyrod Taylor getting a nice run of 23 yards. On the drive Taylor connects with Sammy Watkins to get his 1st catch of the season. The 1st drive has LeSean McCoy looking healthy and he appears to have his shiftiness back. Karlos Williams has become a Touchdown vulture and picks up his 2nd TD of the season to cap an impressive opening drive. Tom Brady is welcomed on to the field by the raucous crowd to a chorus of loud boos; the crowd was so loud on 3rd and 8 it caused the Patriots to call a timeout. After the timeout the Patriots were unable to gather themselves and went 3 and out on their 1st drive. The Patriots second possession went a lot better where Brady found Gronk for a 36 yard pass leading the Patriots in the red zone the drive results in a Brady to Julian Edelman touchdown to even the score. The last 2 Bills drives have been slowed, the 3rd drive of  the game had the Bills start within their own 10 yard line and providing the Patriots with the ball at the 15 yard line after the punt return. With the Patriots already starting in the red zone the possession was finished in just 3 plays with a TD run by Dion Lewis.

Patriots lead 14-7

2nd Quarter: Tyrod Taylor and the Bills start off the 2nd quarter with an interception and the Patriots score easily going to Gronk and extending the lead by 2 TDs. As the Patriots attempt to score their 3rd consecutive TD Running Back Dion Lewis fumbles and Corey Graham recover for the Bills at midfield however the bills fail to produce and go 3 and out for the 5th straight possession. The Bills finally score shortly before halftime as Taylor found Charles Clay in the end zone however Dan Carpenter who’ve struggled all preseason missed the extra point. The Bills defensive stopped the Patriots following the TD however as the theme for the Bills have been this afternoon were called for a penalty resulting in an automatic first down for the Patriots. The Patriots were able to maintain possession and went down the field and converted on a FG to extend the lead before half. The bills 2 minute offense failed with a Taylor interception to close the quarter.
Patriots lead 24-13

3rd Quarter: The Patriots take the opening possession down the field however a pass in the enzdone falls incomplete  thanks to Aaron Williams tussling with Scott chandler  causing the football to fall incomplete, the Patriots settle for a FG. The 3rd Quarter has turned into a penalty filled quarter; both the Patriots and Bills are well over 100 yards in penalties for the game. Brady and Edelman have now connected for their 2nd TD and extended the lead. The Bills haven’t looked impressive since the opening drive. On the Bills final drive in the 3rd quarter Tyrod Taylor fumbled on back to back drives recovering both and then took a sack on 3rd down giving the ball back to the Patriots who scored a touchdown.

Patriots lead 37-13

4th The Bills start the progress to begin a miracle come back and get things started off with a 32 yards TD pass to Robert Woods from Tyrod Taylor. The following Buffalo Bills offensive possession shows Tyrod Taylor ability to escape pressure and run from 7 yards out into the end zone to cap another scoring drive. The touchdown cuts the Patriots lead into half. The potential comeback have legs on a strip sack on Tom Brady by Jerry Hughes, the Bills recover and Tyrod Taylor completes a long pass to Sammy Watkins in the end zone to close within 5 points. The following Patriots drive the Bills are penalized for the 14th time totaling 140 yards to move the Patriots close to mid field. The following play Danny Amendola makes an acrobatic catch to bring the pats inside the red zone. The defense however is stout and is able to prevail holding the Patriots to FG and giving the bills an opportunity to tie the game with the upcoming possession. The comeback however is short lived as Tyrod Taylor sails a ball over Sammy Watkins head failing into the hands in the defender and ending the comeback bid.

Bills lose 40-32


Please provide feedback at or leave a comment on the post. I’ll also be away on vacation for the next two games so I’ll be back blogging for Tennessee Titans game on 10/11/15. Happy Reading!


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