Buffalo Bills Week 5 Review

The Buffalo Bills just won’t make it easy on our hearts will they? In another thrilling fashion the Buffalo Bills defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 31-24 this past Sunday. The Bills currently stand atop the AFC East with a 4-1 record holding the tie backer against the New England Patriots.

The Buffalo Bills were able to capitalize on a turnover prone Philadelphia Eagles team, intercepting QB Michael Vick 4 times as well as causing and recovering a fumble. Running back Fred Jackson finished the game with close to 200 yards in total both in rushing and receiving and finished with 1 rushing TD. For the 3rd consecutive week the Bills defense has returned an interception for a TD. Nick Barnett was the recipient of 2 Michael Vick interceptions with the last sealing the victory for the Bills. Defensively the Buffalo Bills have allowed teams to gain over 400 yards in total offense in 3 straight weeks. The Bills ability to create turnovers in recent weeks as allowed the team to compensate the amount of yardage that has been given up. In the last 2 of 3 game the Bills have played the reigning MVP in the NFL in Tom Brady and the runner up for the award in Michael Vick both QBs completed the game throwing for 4 interceptions with 2 being returned for TDs.

In back to back weeks the Bills held a 14 point lead heading into halftime however this time the Bills were able to hang on for the victory unlike the debacle in Cincinnati. In the 3rd quarter the Eagles began their comeback behind QB Michael Vick and his speedy WRs Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin ultimately closing the gap to within a TD in the closing minutes of the game. As we all know QB Michael Vick revolutionized the QB position in the NFL and that was on full display as he threw for 300 yards and ran for another 90 yards as he passed Randall Cunningham for most rushing yard in NFL History for a QB. Vick was hit often by the Bills most notably by rookie Kelvin Sheppard from LSU who placed a jarring hit on Vick causing an interception to be thrown to LB Nick Barnett.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was once again precise in his decision-making missing on only 6 throws for the entire game. Going into the game it was known the Eagles struggled in stopping the run with their young linebacking core and also had trouble in tackling a flaw that was exposed fully in Sunday’s game. During the game the Bills exploited the holes the Philadelphia Eagles have controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Towards the end of the game with the Bills leading by a TD in a attempt to keep the ball from the Eagles who had no timeouts left on 4th and short. The Bills offense came out attempt to draw the Eagles offside and it happen when defensive tackle Jaquoa Parker jumped offsides ultimately ending any chance the Eagles had at a comeback.

The Bills continued their winning ways with the victory on Sunday, and I have identified an area of need for the Bills to continue in the efforts at winning. Offensively it appears the Bills are going with an intermediate passing game that consist of screens passes to RBs out the backfield or slants passes to the WRs cutting across the middle of the field. Very few times this season has QB Ryan Fitzpatrick taken shots down field a trend that defensive coordinators could potentially take advantage of if it continues. In the off-season the front office traded the Bills only deep outside threat in Lee Evans a move that was criticize by most when it occurred by not has been costly to the team performance. On the current roster the team does not carry any speed demons that will be able to get separation down the field but Coach Chan Gailey will need to begin to include shots down field in upcoming games to keep defensives on the heels. Injuries at the WR position have Donald Jones out for an extended period of time with an ankle injury and Roscoe Parrish and Marcus Easley on the IR for the remainder of the season. The Bills may be in play for a WR in Aprils draft that will be able to stretch the field and get separation from defenders. Just a thought if the Bills continue to win will Randy Moss consider a return? He was quoted in saying he’ll come back for the right situation and to play for a contender. The situation could possibly present itself and it’ll allow him a shot at the Patriots a team who traded him away last year for a 3rd round pick.

The Buffalo Bills next game is versus the New York Giants who’ll be the Bills second straight NFC East opponent with another following after the bye week in the Washington Redskins. The Giants has a strong team from the top down with QB Eli Manning leading the way on offense. The Bills will need to play discipline and protect QB Fitzpatrick as the Giants has one of the fastest defensive fronts in all of football. This will be a interesting game.

Hope you enjoyed this week post as always please leave comments and feedback as it is encouraged.

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