Buffalo Bills Week1 Review

I’ll like to start this week post by saying 1 name Scott Chandler the 6’7 journeyman Tight End who had an huge impact of Sundays game, and just in case you who were waiting in exile for my post the Buffalo Bills defeated the Kansas City Chiefs to the tune of 41-7.

The Buffalo Bills showed up and showed out in this week one match up between these two AFC foes. The game started with a wonderful tribute to the men and women who lost their lives 10 years ago on September 11, 2001. From the start the Bills seemed fired up out the gate with an impressive showing from the kickoff coverage unit as two rookies started their careers of combining on a forced fumble and fumble recovery, the rookies being Chris White and Kelvin Sheppard. Chris White placed a jarring hit on Kansas City return man Dexter McCluster knocking the ball loose and Kelvin Sheppard was there to clean up the mess as he recovered the fumble, and put the Bills in perfect position to set up a go ahead score.

The above mentioned Scott Chandler playing in his second career game finished with 5 catches and 2 touchdowns strikes from Ryan Fitzpatrick, while his receiving production wont confuse you the likes of Dallas Clark or Antonio Gates it is remarkable as production from the TE in the Bills offense has been close to nonexistent for years as Marv Albert and Rich Gannon eluded to during the CBS telecast.

I came away from this game very pleased with the success both sides of the ball enjoyed in the victory. Beginning with the defense that most suspected would be improved was just that improved. The rushing attack was kept quiet during this game as to my own count I can only recall two runs over 10 yards by the running committee of the Chiefs in a large part of the success the interior lineman achieved against their counterparts on the offensive line. The linebacking core to my outlook appeared much faster than last year team or it could be better players, Nick Barnett looked great in his first game as a Bill and showed the leadership and play recognition that this team has lacked since the days of London Flecther and Takeo Spikes. Shawne Merriman much anticipated debut ended in one tackle. Matt Cassel never seemed to get into a rhythm either versus one of the deepest unit of this Bills team the secondary passing for only 119 yards though being down for the entire game and 1 touchdown that rookie cornerback Aaron Williams went for the interception instead of the pass deflection.

Now for the offense how could you not come away anything but impressed from that showing. Ryan Fitzpatrick was brilliant in his week 1 debut throwing for 4 touchdowns and roughly 200 yards in the air.  The receiving core did a nice job in helping Fitzpatrick on the performance, Steve Johnson made a great acrobatic catch in the endzone to give the Bills a 14-0 lead. Donald Jones helped his cause in trying to have fans forget about Lee Evans in catching a TD in a small window given however he would want to improve on his 2 catch 3 yard showing if he wants that to happen. Fred Jackson should of all but wrote his name in stone as the starter in the backfield as he rushed for over 100 yards on 20 carries. Jackson showed everything you want out your RB elusiveness, craftiness, and power though the offensive line did a good job in run blocking Jackson was also able to create on his own. I would like to personally congratulate CJ Spiller in scoring his first NFL rushing TD however I would assume the coaching staff seen the same I did from Fred Jackson production.

There were a few areas of opportunity I could identify from this game though it was still a good showing from the team there were still opportunities available to be capitalized on. With the amount of times the Chiefs were required to throw which was 36 I would have been more pleased with a better pass rush the defense amounted for only 2 sacks by DE Spencer Johnson and Safety Bryan Scott. The inside duo of Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus should be able to out muscle most offensive lines its placed against with their strength and the LB should be able to converge on the sack or at least create pressure on the QB for throw a ways and interceptions, this will an area I would look at in the future. I would also like to see David Nelson take the number 2 receiver role from Donald Jones, Nelson had 66 receiving yards and has shown great route running ability and with his tall slender frame he would cause numerous matchup problems versus opposing coverage’s. Towards the end of the 2nd quarter heading in to halftime the Bills offense took a knee with several timeouts remaining and close to a minute left to play, I would love to see the offense attack and have a killer instinct a try at bare minimum and get a FG instead of settling for a 13 point lead. If you score here you have the opposing team going halftime on the ropes and momentum fully in your advantage.

As you can tell from this week post I was indeed satisfied with the showing by the Buffalo Bills in Sunday’s game and heading to the home opener against the Oakland Raiders I look to see progression and improvement in areas of need. As I write this post the Raiders are playing and seem to be much undisciplined however shows flashes of being an upcoming team in the league with the emergence of RB Darren McFadden he will be a test to the defense with his speed and shiftiness next weekend.

Until next week guys enjoy this post and please give feedback I encourage it!

Eugene Taylor



3 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills Week1 Review

  1. Great post. Fitz was amazing. And good to see so much TE participation, especially with the lousy season Shawn Nelson had last year.

    Can’t wait to read about next weeks game. Hopefully it’s another W!

  2. Hey Gene: Great Blog!!! Looking forward to seeing this in the press!!! I will definitely promote you…I see big things!!!! Well written…you take after your Mother…the Author…way 2 go!!! -Sasha Velmosvski

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